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Important information for Rising 6th Graders

April 19, 2022


Parents of Rising 6th Graders,

It is time for you and your child to complete his/her elective sheet for middle school! Here’s what needs to be done…

  1. If you have recently had a change of address or are unsure about where your child will attend middle school, please contact Blair’s data manager, Susie Riddle.

If your child will attend a private, charter school, or out of the district, please email this information to Ms. Johnson. (

If you are applying for Open Enrollment, please fill out your child’s elective preferences for BOTH schools (district school and Open Enrollment Choice school) on his/her elective card.

2. Descriptions of all middle schools (including information on elective choices, clubs, sports, band/orchestra, Family Life Education choices, and more!) are on the following website:

3. To complete the elective sheet:

a. RANK ORDER (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ) elective choices.

i. If your child wants to take a YEAR-LONG elective, it should be ranked #1 (and they are guaranteed to get it). Then, they should continue their rankings in the SEMESTER choices. They can only choose ONE year-long elective.

ii. If your child does not want a year-long course, leave those BLANK and rank order the SEMESTER choices.

b. Mark your Family Life Education choice at the bottom of the Elective Sheet. This link gives you an in-depth view of the middle school curricula offered…

4. Please don’t let the cost of an instrument deter your child from playing in the band/orchestra. THE SCHOOL SYSTEM CAN HELP PROVIDE AN INSTRUMENT. Please complete this form if your child wants to participate in band/orchestra and needs financial assistance with obtaining an instrument (can also be found on the Middle School Registration website).: KYEhXwd/view

5. Be sure that both you and your child sign and date the form!

6. When you have completed and SIGNED the elective sheet and Instrument Intent Form (if applicable), please return the forms to school NO LATER THAN Tuesday, APRIL 26th!

7. If your child intends to play a fall sport, please be sure to have a physical form completed BEFORE tryouts! More information can be found here: wKWD1D/view

*PLEASE NOTE: If your child does not turn in his/her registration form and elective sheet, classes will be chosen for him/her by the middle school. If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to contact me at 910-350-2045 ext 70767. I’d be happy to help!


Tiffany M Johnson School Counselor